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The relationship between food and beer is a lot more intricate than you would have imagined. While most of us are used to having a few beers when we grill out in the summer, it is actually a good idea to take a look at what types of food go with certain types of beer. And as you begin to learn more about the different types of craft beer that are being produced in your area, you may want to find the perfect foods to go with the beer you are drinking. We have come up with some tips that will help you as you search for the perfect beer and food combination.

Meats and Roof Vegetables

If you are going with a burger for lunch, or some steak with asparagus, you are going to want to get a type of beer that really compliments those flavors. And in these instances, beers that are sour, tart and funky are going to give your taste palates exactly what they were searching for! For instance, some Belgian-style craft beer would go great with a grilled steak and some root vegetables.


In the mood for some fish in the coming days? If you are planning on having some tuna, shellfish or lobster, you may want to check out some fruity and spicy craft beers. German-Style Hefeweizen or Belgian-Style Saison beers go really well with fish, because the beer is going to bring out the natural sweetness in the fish, while cleansing your palate as well.


When you are eating dishes with a distinct note of butter, olive oil or duck fat, or you are having something with a lot of dairy in it, your beer needs to match up appropriately. Hoppy and bitter beers, such as American Black Ales, or dark and roasty beers like the English-Style Brown Portar, are a great compliment to any fatty or dairy-based dishes.


Hoppy and bitter, or fruity and sweet, beers go very well with any pork dish. As an example, the Imperial India Pale Ale, or the Belgian-Style Dubbel, will go very well with a dish of pork chops.

These combinations are not definitive for each person. You may find a combo that works even better for you. But they are a great guide to help you find the right type of beer to enjoy with your next meal. So when you are planning your next fancy dinner, whether it is with friends or family, make sure you choose the right beer for the occasion!