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Why Craft Beer is the Best Beer Around

Are you a beer enthusiast? Even though you are used to drinking beer from one of the larger breweries, such as Budweiser, Miller or Coors, you may want to try craft beer the next time you are at the store buying a six pack. In the past, craft beer was something that you could only find at special stores, but now it has made its way to all types of beer and alcohol stores around the world. You can probably get craft beer at your local convenience or grocery stores as well, especially if they have a big area dedicated to alcohol.

But why would someone drink craft beer over other varieties? The price often turns people off – with most craft beer coming in at $10 to $12 for a six pack. However, you have to understand the difference in your experience when you try craft beer, as opposed to a can of Miller or Coors Light. The taste is a day and night difference, with craft beer being absolutely sensational, especially if you choose one that agrees with the type of beer you enjoy. In addition, you are going to get more alcohol in a bottle of craft beer, which means you are getting value for money!

For some, the biggest reason to support craft beer is because you are supporting local breweries in your area. Whether you live in California, New York or Kansas, there are bound to be some local breweries in your state. And whether you know it or not, these breweries are producing some great beers every season. You may not always get the same beers out of them every year, but you can be sure that the vast majority of beer they are releasing is tasty and high quality product. So you end up supporting an industry that can give you plenty of enjoyment.

If you happen to have a major brewery in your area, where they produce craft beer, you may even be lucky enough to check out their production process. Some craft beer breweries even have days where they allow you to come, try out some of their beers, eat great food and have a good time with everyone else who came out for the day. You will get to sample so many different kinds of beer, and you really will have a fantastic time with all your friends.

Innovation is the final reason why craft beer is the best beer around. When a major brewery tries something new, it is because they have researched it for many years and they believe the vast majority of their consumer base will enjoy the new beer. But a local brewery does not need to make as much money to get a profit, which means they are able to take risks with the beers they release. Not every beer will be perfect, but you are far more likely to find a magically tasting craft beer than a beer that was released by a major brewery.