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Always Go with Craft Beer

It is tempting to buy the cheapest beer on the market, whether you are at a bar or the grocery store. But when faced with the choice between commercially-brewed beer, and craft beer, you should be choosing craft beer every time. You are not a proper beer enthusiast until you have tried most of the craft beers being produced in your area! And we can tell you about some of the reasons why craft beer is better than any other type of beer on the market:

  1. Healthier

Craft beer is similar to red wine in terms of the health benefits, while some even argue it is better. While no one is suggesting you drink five or six craft beers a night, a couple of craft beers a day can actually do a lot of good things for your health. With plenty of soluble fiber, B vitamins and tons of antioxidants, you are getting health benefits while you enjoy the taste and alcohol content of your craft beer!

  1. Less Bathroom Visits

Ever wondered why you are always going to the bathroom after you start drinking beer? It is probably because you are drinking a commercially-produced beer that is watered down to a large extent. You are drinking a lot of fluid, but you are not getting as much “beer” out of it. But when you have a few pints of craft beer, you are getting an entirely different experience. You will not have to visit the bathroom as often, and you are having better quality beer in general.

  1. Flavor Choices

The number of choices you have with commercially-produced beer are very limited. You have regular beer, light beer and some different flavors – such as Bud Light Lime. But for the most part, you are very limited in the types of beer you can purchase. Even the more adventurous companies, such as Sam Adams, have a few flavor profiles. But when you purchase craft beer, your options are endless. If you ever visit a craft beer store, you would be stunned by the number of options that are available.

  1. Cheaper at Bars

When you buy a 12-pack of beer at the grocery store, there is no doubt you are getting more value when you buy commercially produced beer. It is simply a lot cheaper than craft beer, and if you are on a budget, a 12-pack of Miller or PBR makes a lot of sense. But when you are at a bar, and you see a pint of craft beer priced at $6, but a Miller Light pint at $4 or $5, it makes no sense to go with the cheaper beer. You are getting so much more out of a pint of craft beer – more alcohol, more taste, less watered down content – and you are paying slightly more than you would for a generic beer you could have at home at any time. So the next time you are at a bar or brewery, make sure you try as many unique craft beers as you can!